Our gelato is created in response to a challenge we had set for ourselves. We want to be able to offer a new experience with a product that is better than regular gelato but having the same natural ingredients, fresh sensations, and crafted feel.

We do not use any industrial bases when producing our gelato, just a few simple, selected natural ingredients, such as fresh milk, fresh dairy cream, sugar, top-quality fruit and other high quality ingredients like Italian chocolate and pistachios from Sicily. Our Gelato offers rich, all-Italian flavors, with completely natural colors. 


gelato salt lake city




Cannoli Shells stuffed with Gelato, the perfect combination!


Gelato sandwich

A very Italian style snack…a Panino Gelato! Sweet bread filled with scoops of fresh gelato
of your choice.


Gelato cakes are a fresh and tasty dessert for hot summer days. Our torte gelato are
beautiful to see and wonderful in taste.