I was born in Cosenza a town in southern Italy.  Since I was little kid my favorite part of the summer was to get a Gelato after playing soccer with my friends. There was nothing more refreshing than a lemon and strawberry sorbet after a game! After I finished high school, I decided to go to America to study business. It’s here in America that I meet my wife Lisa, also Italian from a little town outside Venice. After finishing college we decided to move back to Italy where we owned and managed an organic supermarket and soon after we had our beautiful children Sophie and Martin. While we enjoyed our lives in norther Italy, the economic situation got worst nationwide so we decided to move to America and start a business. While pondering on which business would work the best in the US, my happy memories of my childhood gave me the idea of opening a Gelato Shop. After selling my business, I studied the art of gelato with some of the best gelato Chefs in Italy and in 2014 we finally moved to Salt Lake City. Sweetaly  was born with the mission of bringing authentic and amazing gelato in Utah.